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Introduces guided control for personalising soundscapes within autonomous vehicle interiors- a valuable element to the passenger’s health, wellbeing and travel experiences. 

In association with Bentley Motors and The Royal College of Art

CGI Production and Motion Design by Airglow Creative Studios (Full VIdeo), Yellow Pixel Studios (Intro)

Sound Design & Music by tekkAudio

Directed by Irene Chiu 

Sound is often considered as an afterthought when constructing our built environment. We are constantly being affected, often disturbed, by sound frequencies beyond the noticeable hearing range. 


Our imperfect solution thus far has been to cancel or add sound, unfortunately insulating ourselves and our experiences. Consequently, we tend to  miss out on natural, positive soundscapes.

This project addresses these issues by revealing the values in healthy sound qualities and importance of understanding personal acoustic preferences. 

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