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A personalised journey through transformative soundscapes


Listen with headphones for binaural sound experience. 

In association with Bentley Motors and The Royal College of Art

CGI Production and Motion Design by Airglow Creative Studios

Sound Design & Music by tekkAudio

Directed by Irene Chiu 


Calibrate individual sound preferences.

The increase in industrialised noises has come with unwanted negative health concerns such as stress and sleep deprivation.

Filter adjusts the volume of various surrounding sounds to suit your sensitivity and mood. It adjusts depending on the environment and your changing preferences.

Imagine: Through the interaction, the passenger learns to discern the sounds that are enriching to create healthier environments. While traveling through an urban setting, one can reduce harsh construction noises, while keeping the vibrancy of children's laughter audible.

Embrace local sounds during travel

The automotive industry has mastered many ways of noise cancelling and using added sounds. This has masked attributes of local bioacoustics that enrich travel experiences. 

Soundmap amplifies acoustic surroundings into the vehicle to explore the nuances and subtleties of our complex sonic environments. 

Imagine: Transforming travel from a simple function of going from A to B into a richer journey. A drive through a mountainous landscape becomes an opportunity for the passenger to actively listen and learn about the wildlife and scenery.

Create complimentary sensory spaces

Elements of automotive travel can still feel isolating and tiresome for the passenger.


Atmosphere uses cross modal effects, interactions between two or more sensory modalities, to compose comfortable interior spaces.

Imagine: Complementary orchestration of a passenger's senses elevates the comfort of each journey. The lonely and eery feelings associated with late night travel are responded to by a balanced interplay of light and sound volume. 



Lower material palette drawings by Arun Sispal, Colour & Trim

Ripple, Smoke Blue

Staccato, Sand

Mist, Cloud grey

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